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Raising California Together Coalition Applauds Clinton’s Plan to Make Child Care Affordable for Working Parents

The Raising California Together Coalition released the following statement from Co-Chairs Tonia McMillian, family child care provider and Clarissa Doutherd, ‎Executive Director at Parent Voices Oakland, on Hillary Clinton’s plan to put high-quality child care within reach of all working parents in the United States.

Hillary Clinton’s ambitious plan to invest in early education is exactly what our children need to prepare them for a lifetime of learning, and what our nation needs to strike a blow against intergenerational poverty that divides our children into haves and have-nots before they even start kindergarten.

Almost exactly one year ago, Secretary Clinton met with family child care providers and center workers to hear directly from early educators what our child care system needs to position kids for success and equip working moms to lift their families out of poverty.   The plan she unveiled today demonstrates she’s listened to the hard-working women who do this vital work – and California leaders should do the same.

A successful child care and early education system must have a well-trained and fairly compensated workforce as its backbone.  Raising California Together has proposed crucial reforms that will strengthen our workforce with training opportunities and establish the equivalent of a $15 wage so the women who help working moms lift their families out of poverty can do the same for their own.   Our legislative package will stabilize child care for families and eliminate burdensome and duplicative paperwork requirements that impede access to care.

We look forward to working with California’s legislators and our next President to ensure every child has the quality early learning opportunities that help them spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S.

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